North Kingstown Patient of the Month – August

by Specialized Orthopedics August 17, 2020
NK August Patient of the month

Congratulations to Claudia Pesco for being nominated as the North Kingstown Office Patient of the Month!  Claudia was referred to our office in late May for evaluation and consultation with Ryan Collins, DPT.  As you will see in Claudia’s inspirational story, she was very apprehensive about Physical Therapy as she had unpleasant experiences in the past at other facilities and she was extremely debilitated and limited in what she could do on a daily basis.  Life was becoming very burdensome and difficult to manage on a daily basis.  Thanks to her willingness to work with Ryan and both of their hard work, Claudia’s condition and life have greatly improved!

Here is what Claudia had to say about her experience in our North Kingstown office with Ryan:

I’m Claudia Pesco from Jamestown.  For the past two months I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ryan, a very talented therapist.

I’ve had PT experience in the past for knee issues, which didn’t lead to much if any improvement.  My situation then finally resulted in the joint replacement surgery which I’d hoped to avoid.

Then lucky me, in spring of 2020 I was further diagnosed with lumbar stenosis/slipped disc.  It was and is very painful.  Along with the usual regimen of pills and cortisone shots, my doctor recommended that I start PT.

Because of my past disappointing experience with PT, I didn’t expect much and agreed to try PT again, really just to shut my doctor up.

I limped into SOPT that first day to meet Ryan, who immediately saw that my hips and spine were misaligned.  This was a huge moment for me because for years, I felt that I was out of balance and said as much to my various doctors and therapists.  They never paid much attention and continued to focus only on the particular localized problem I was dealing with at the time.  So for Ryan to recognize this right away was a major moment of validation for me.  And I began to see that this regimen of PT would be different and even life changing for me.

I’ve worked with Ryan for these two months, focusing on strengthening both core and the affected muscles in my back and legs.  I’ve been semi-faithful about doing stretch exercises at home and have been lifting light weights at the gym three times a week, again semi-faithfully.

My PT sessions are hard work and sometimes they hurt, but I ALWAYS feel better after an hour working with Ryan.  The disc pain comes and goes, but I say truthfully that it’s now manageable and I can pretty much live my normal life.  Because of my improvement, I’ve become a PT believer!  Thanks Ryan!”

Once again congratulations to Claudia for putting in the hard work to improve her life.  She is an inspiration for all of us at SOPT that with the right program and attention to detail, everyone’s goals of improving their functional lifestyle is possible.

If you are suffering from chronic pain, even when Physical Therapy has not helped in the past, know that our Physical Therapists in North Kingstown and Warwick may be able to help you!

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