How do you feel?

We push our bodies hard and put strains on the connective tissues that keep our joints moving. Over time and with repetitive use these tissues become inflamed and irritated. Without proper treatment, they can tear and require costly surgery to repair or replace.

If you feel nagging pain in one of your major joints (shoulder, elbow, knee, etc.) that either builds gradually or feels sudden and sharp, you may be experiencing an over-use injury. In certain severe cases, you may experience reduced mobility at the site as well.

As we age, these over-use injuries become more common and more serious.

At SOPT, we uncover the “cause of the cause” to correct the underlying issues that are creating your pain. Your physical therapist can help diagnose the cause of your pain and prescribe a treatment schedule so you can relieve the pain and avoid surgery.

Here are some of the most common over-use injuries that we treat:

  1. Tendonitis
    • This is an inflammation of your tendons, which are the tissues connecting your muscles and bones.
    • Most susceptible areas:
      • Elbow
      • Wrist
      • Shoulder
      • Hip
      • Ankle
      • Knee
  1. Bursitis
    • This is an inflammation of your bursae, the tiny sacs filled with lubricating fluid that reduce friction between your different tissues.
    • Most susceptible areas are:
      • Shoulder
      • Elbow
      • Hip
      • Knee
      • Achilles Tendon
    1. ITB Syndrome
      • This is the tightening and swelling of your IT band, which is the bundle of tissues running from your hip along the outside of your thigh to the top of your tibia.
      • Most susceptible area is:
        • Knee
  1. Impingement Syndrome
    • This is when the bones of the shoulder impinge on the tendons and bursa of the shoulder, causing persistent pain and reduced range of motion.
    • Most susceptible area is:
      • Shoulder

What are the common causes?

Over-use injuries are associated with a wide variety of repetitive-motion activities that we experience daily. These activities, anything from sports and hobbies to household chores and work duties, wear down the connective tissues in our body quicker than your body can repair them as we age.

Here’s a small sample of common activities:

Tennis Golf Gardening Painting
Raking Scrubbing Shoveling Running

While age plays a role in whether or not we experience these over-use injuries, we tend to exacerbate the problem with poor posture, lack of stretching, and infrequent exercise.

On your first visit, your PT will conduct a thorough clinical examination of your pain to determine the underlying causes and create an effective treatment regimen specifically for your lifestyle.

“Problem was left leg bursa pain. I lived with it for about two miserable years and went to two other physical therapy offices. Specialized Orthopedics seemed different. They were spot on with the therapy and exercises. Very friendly “family like” atmosphere. Making appointments were easy too. I will forever be grateful that my Dr Barrett insisted I go there . Thank you all and thank you Jason. I’m painless and still exercising.”

– Adrienne

How Do I Know it’s Time for Specialized Orthopedic Physical Therapy?

  • You have been suffering from chronic pain for some time now. You may have even seen other physical therapists in the past but the pain never left or has returned.
  • You only want treatment with a licensed PT, not a string of PT Assistants.
  • You want hands-on treatment from the same PT every visit so he or she can treat you more personally and more effectively.
  • You want access to the best and most current techniques from a fully licensed PT.
  • Remember, you do NOT need a referral from your PCP to see a PT (unless your health insurance policy dictates otherwise). And you have the right to see any PT you choose for treatment of your pain and injuries. Feel free to call our office and we can help you determine if a PCP referral is needed. (401) 384-6490

“I have come here to help heal my foot from tendinitis and other post surgery issues. They are great specialists and care about their patients. No matter what time of day it is they treat you like you are their 1st and main priority. I highly recommend this practice! Thank you SOPT!”

– Jamie