Common Post-Operative Issues

Most patients believe that the solution to their hip, knee, ankle or shoulder problem is to have total joint replacement surgery. Period.

They believe that having the total joint replacement surgery is the end of their road to a full recovery where they can enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle again. However, joint replacement surgery is only one step on that road to recovery because following your surgery you are going to be sore, stiff, weak, and swollen.

You’ll have difficulty moving around and performing basic daily tasks like getting dressed, walking, climbing stairs, driving a car, or carrying your groceries. Your muscles will need to be retrained, exercised, and strengthened properly so you can avoid post-operative complications such as joint stiffness or secondary muscle weakness.

Plus, there are the original physical causes that may have contributed to your needing the replacement in the first place – lack of flexibility, lack of strength, lack of mobility. Requiring a second knee, hip, or shoulder surgery is not uncommon but it is certainly unwanted.

Starting a physical therapy routine as soon after your surgery as recommended by your surgeon will help you recover quicker and with greater results. Just imagine a year after your surgery being in better physical shape than you were a year before your surgery. Wouldn’t that be a sign of a full recovery?

Remember, to see a physical therapist, you do NOT need to first see your PCP and receive a referral (unless your specific insurance dictates it). You have the right to see any PT you choose for treatment of your pain and injuries. Feel free to call our office and we can help you determine if a PCP referral is needed. (401) 384-6490

Rehabilitate With Us

You want to work with the best physical therapist that you can find because your recovery time and results depend on that person’s clinical expertise.

So let me ask you a few questions:

  • Do you want to work with a physical therapist or a physical therapist assistant?
  • Do you want to see the same PT each visit or do you want a different PT (or, more likely, PTA) each time?
  • Do you want a PT that consults with your surgeon to create a specialized recovery plan or a PT office that prescribes a generic plan based on your surgery type?
  • Do you want a quicker recovery time or do you want to attend PT sessions for years?

The answers are obvious.

At Specialized Orthopedic Physical Therapy, you will only ever work with a licensed, certified PT who will work with you from your initial clinical consultation to your full recovery. You’ll never be attended by a PT Assistant and you will never be bounced around among the staff. Your full recovery is our top priority.

With over 50 years of clinical experience, certifications and advanced degrees among our team, you are going to get the best physical therapy treatment in Rhode Island without paying a premium price.