North Kingstown Patient of the Month – Gregory Bosco

by Specialized Orthopedics July 13, 2020
SOPT Success Story

Greg presented to our North Kingstown office with a chronic history of left heel and ankle pain associated with a partial tear of his Achilles tendon. He was advised by his orthopedic surgeon that he required surgery as he was having a lot of pain with walking and climbing stairs. His condition and status were compounded by the fact that Greg is an avid golfer and did not want to miss the current golf season. He made a decision to try Physical Therapy with the hopes of avoiding surgery and sought out our North Kingstown clinical director, Sean McCluskie, DPT.

Sean evaluated Greg on May 21st and quickly noted that Greg lacked the appropriate strength and flexibility in his calf muscle and Achilles tendon complex. Sean prescribed a comprehensive treatment plan that included a progressive stretching and strengthening as well as manual treatment techniques including scar tissue mobilization, myofascial release, and deep tissue mobilization.

Here is what Greg had to say about his experience with Sean and our NK Office:

“I’ve had several rounds of physical therapy for several issues over the years. I am a firm believer in PT as opposed to surgery as a first option. I find Sean and his team at the NK office to be effective, efficient, and fun to be around. PT is not always easy for the patient so being in a relaxed but professional atmosphere is important. Sean provides that and more. I was told my most recent issue, a partial Achilles tendon tear would necessitate surgery to feel better. I opted to try PT first. It still hurts but substantially less and more importantly I have been able to enjoy golf and other outdoor activities regularly. I know PT has kept me on both feet. Thanks Sean!”

As you can see Greg has made drastic improvement and is now able to play golf without difficulty! It is success stories such as these that make our profession as PT’s so rewarding! We would like to congratulate Gregory Bosco for being nominated the NK Patient of the Month and recognize him for demonstrating tremendous effort and determination! Also thank you the Sean McCluskie, DPT for all of your hard work helping Greg through this process!

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