Patient of the Month

by Specialized Orthopedics May 30, 2018

Success Story

Over 6 months ago, our patient Jason suffered from a fall which resulted in a fractured ankle and dislocation. Jason had been working hard over the past few years to increase his fitness performance and overall health. He was getting into the best shape of his life when this occurred. He was in the process of training to become a fire-fighter. Unfortunately, this fall lead him to be immobilized in a hard cast and non-weight-bearing for 8 weeks. Despite the fact he did not need surgery he was still looking at intense rehab to get him back to where he was. He started working with Amanda rehabbing his ankle, building up his strength, improving his range of motion and training him how to walk again.

In addition to his prescribed exercise program Amanda used multiple manual techniques to decrease scar tissue, improve joint mobility and decrease pain. Jason was a great patient because he was motivated and devoted himself to the program every day. He even continued to maintain his strength in the gym while in the hard cast, working on the areas he could. Once his strength was sufficient and he was able to walk without any assistance, he began training again at the Olympia Fitness and Performance. Through lots of hard work and dedication his aches and pains began to subside and he kept pushing himself. His ankle healed and he made it onto the fire department! He even recently ran his first 10K! Good job Jason!

Here is a picture of Amanda working to increase Jason’s ankle mobility with mobilization techniques.

Jason’s Testimonial

 When I broke my ankle, I knew it was going to be a long process to heal/ but Amanda at Specialized Orthopedic Physical Therapy was absolutely amazing. She started working with me as soon as I got my cast off.  Amanda is extremely knowledgeable and very skilled at what she does. Amanda used all the latest techniques including dry needling to help me heal faster. She was always professional and cared about my recovery. Amanda treats each of her patients with 100% dedication and is always there for whatever they need. It was her positive energy and progressive approach to therapy that helped me heal fast. I would highly recommend Amanda to anyone that needs physical therapy. 

 Jason is now running 10ks, back to working out full force at Olympia Fitness and Performance and working for his community as a firefighter! You are amazing!


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