Elbow Pain Stretching Video Blog

by Specialized Orthopedics June 14, 2018

Elbow Pain Stretching Video Blog

Have you been experiencing pain on the outside or inside of your elbow lately?  Do you have elbow pain when you try to hold or grasp and object?  Do you have elbow pain when you are typing on your computer or writing at work?  You may be experiencing what is known medial or lateral epicondylitis.  These are also known as tennis elbow (lateral) or golfer’s elbow (medial). If you are experiencing elbow pain with these activities, take a moment to check out our Tip of the Week video which demonstrates a couple of stretches that may help alleviate your symptoms:


We would recommend performing these stretches 3 times per day.  If you still have elbow pain after performing these stretches for 5-7 days, then it is time to seek help from one of our highly trained physical therapists for a more comprehensive evaluation and treatment of your elbow pain!  Call our Warwick or North Kingstown office today to make an appointment!

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