Why should I have physical therapy after surgery?

by Jason Ulisse August 09, 2016

 You just saw your orthopedic surgeon, seven days ago, after undergoing arthroscopic surgery.  The body part you had surgery on is sore, swollen, and stiff.  Your surgeon tells you that he or she has done the job and fixed the problem!  Now all of the sudden, the surgeon says “I want to refer you to physical therapy”.  In your mind you are thinking “Why do I need PT if you (the surgeon) just fixed the problem?”.

Your surgeon cleaned up and corrected the damage in your injured joint but he or she did not fix the underlying reason why the injury occurred in the first place:  Lack of strength, lack of flexibility, lack of mobility.  These are all impairments and deficits that your physical therapist can help you address.  Your physical therapist will prescribe the appropriate exercises to regain your strength and flexibility and with his or her highly skilled hands, will help you regain the joint mobility you need for optimum joint health and function.  During your rehabilitation, your physical therapist will help you better understand how to take care of your rehabbed body part so you can return to your previous activity level and get back to doing the things you love most!

We have had numerous patients walk into our office saying “physical therapy is not necessary”.  Nearly all of them end up thanking us for getting them back to their sports, recreational activities, and occupational duties without pain or fear of getting hurt!  

Just had surgery….Contact us today by submitting an appointment request through our website, and put yourself on the path to complete recovery!

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