Women receiving orthopedic physical therapy from a physical therapist

The Benefits of Manual Therapy in Orthopedic Rehabilitation

by DarrenPMC May 16, 2024 Physical Therapy

Orthopedic injuries and conditions can significantly impact one’s mobility, comfort, and quality of life. While exercise and stretching are essential

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Are Your Hips Causing Your Lower Back Pain?

Are Your Hips Causing Your Lower Back Pain?

by Specialized Orthopedics September 07, 2021 Healthy Tips, Physical Therapy, Tip of the Week

Has back pain ever stopped you from carrying out daily activities or work?

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Suffering from low back stiffness?

by Specialized Orthopedics July 19, 2018 Healthy Tips, Tip of the Week

Hi everyone! This week’s “Tip Of The Week” goes over 2 stretches to help improve your low back tightness. A

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Overcoming Low Back Pain

Overcoming Low Back Pain – Steve Z. our June 2017 Patient of the Month

by Jason Ulisse June 23, 2017 Patient of the Month

After being diagnosed with Low Back Pain and sciatica associated with potential lumbar disc herniation, SOPT helped Steve get back

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