Getting Your Workout (Or Day) Started: The Foam Roller

by Specialized Orthopedics February 10, 2022
Working out with a foam roller

Consider picking up a foam roller

Are you short on time for your workout today? Do you have some soreness in your legs from a hard workout the day before? Are you having some issues with achilles tendonitis or knee cap pain (patella-femoral pain)? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to consider picking up a foam roller (Amazon, Dick’s Sporting Goods) and check out these videos of how to roll your legs out using the foam roller:

The foam roller is a very versatile and cost-effective product to have in your house to help keep your muscles and tendons healthy.  Foam rolling your muscles helps to increase blood flow, release fascial tension, and ultimately warm up muscles for athletic performance.  We recommend spending 45-60 seconds on each muscle group and utilize rolling the muscles in a slow and deliberate motion.

We hope that the foam roller helps you with loosening your muscles, reducing tendon strain, and give you another option for warming up prior to athletic activity. If you continue to notice discomfort in your legs, pain in your achilles tendon, or pain behind your knee caps, it may be time for you to schedule an appointment with one of our highly trained Physical Therapist. Call our Warwick (401-384-6490) or North Kingstown (401-329-0050) to schedule an appointment today!

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