Top 2 Hip Flexor Stretches for Runners

by Jason Ulisse May 10, 2018

 Hip Flexor Stretches for Runners

Do You Run? Are You Having Hip Pain While Running?

It is that time of year again and runners are starting to pick up their pace and adding miles to their sneakers!

If you are suffering from anterior hip or knee pain while running  it may be associated with tight hip flexors.

It is very common for runners to develop tightness in their hip flexors as they begin to increase their miles or even speed. This can lead to pain while running and also make it difficult to make long strides. If this is happening to you try our two favorite hip flexor stretches in the video below.

These stretches will address both the rectus femoris muscle and the psoas muscle.

Top 2 Hip Flexor Stretches

If you have any more questions or if your hip pain has not resolved with these stretches call us today!

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