Yoga for Lower Back Pain

by Sylvie Le , DPT, PYTC January 10, 2019

Do you often wake up feeling like your back is stiff and it takes some time to get moving in the morning?

A gentle and simple 5-minute daily yoga practice can help!

The practice of yoga focuses on connecting the body and mind through the breath, and is a great way to start your day. Mindful movement can help to stretch, strengthen, and relax your back muscles to help improve your posture, balance, and body awareness throughout the day.

Three common yoga postures you can practice each morning to help move your spine through its entire range of motion to help relax and re-energize stiff and tired muscles include. Depending on your body and what you are comfortable with, these movements can be performed either on the ground, or sitting upright in a chair.

Cat/Cow Pose

Position yourself on your hands and knees, or sit upright in a chair. Breathe in, arch your lower back, and extend your spine as you look up. Breathe out, and round your spine back as you look down. Repeat 10-15 times.

Child’s Pose

Position your hips back onto your heels with your arms extended out in front of you. Or, sitting upright in a chair, bend at your hips and stretch your trunk forward until your hands touch the ground. Take 3-5 deep breaths, and repeat 3 times.

Cobra Pose

Position yourself on your belly, or sit upright in a chair. If you are on the ground, reach your arms out, placing them shoulder width apart. Breathe in, and extend your spine upright. If you are in a chair, reach for the back of the chair. Breathe in and sit upright, extending your chest forward. Hold for 3-5 breaths, and repeat 5-10 times

If interested in learning more, please contact the office today to set up a consultation or sign-up for a Medical Therapeutic Yoga class. Classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday at 9am at our North Kingstown office.

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