Man Training His Pelvic Floor to help with his overall sexual health and urinary track health

What is Male Pelvic Floor Dysfunction?

by Sylvie Le , DPT, PYTC February 20, 2024 Pelvic Health, Physical Therapy

We all know it’s time to visit the Physical Therapist when we need to rehab a knee injury or want

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Women Doing Pelvic Floor Exercises with a personal trainer | Specialized Physical Therapy

How Pelvic Floor Therapy Can Help With Constipation

by Sylvie Le , DPT, PYTC January 15, 2024 Pelvic Health, Physical Therapy, Women's Health

Pelvic floor training can play a vital role in relieving constipation, as well as improving general women's health. Learn how

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leaking urine

Leaking Urine With Coughing, Sneezing, Laughing? Pelvic Floor PT Can Help!

by Sylvie Le , DPT, PYTC March 07, 2023 Pelvic Health, Women's Health

Leaking urine? Just 10 minutes a day with the proper exercises can help!

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What to Expect When you Visit a Women’s Health PT

What to Expect When you Visit a Pelvic Floor PT

by Sylvie Le , DPT, PYTC May 18, 2021 Healthy Tips, Pelvic Health, Physical Therapy, Tip of the Week, Women's Health, Yoga

Are you unsure and anxious about seeing a Women’s Health PT?

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