What to do when you have shin splints

Shin Splints: Do not try to just run through it!

by Specialized Orthopedics September 14, 2021 Physical Therapy, Running, Sports, Stretching

Shin splints are often a warning sign that there is too much stress being applied to the tibial bone structure.

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Basketball Ankle Injuries

Ankle Sprains: The Real Story

by Specialized Orthopedics July 30, 2021 Sports

Today we would like to describe the different levels of ankle sprains and what to expect when healing.

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The Rotator Cuff Complex

by Specialized Orthopedics October 21, 2020 Physical Therapy, Sports

The balance between the rotator cuff muscles is very delicate and can easily get thrown out of order.

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We now offer Cupping!

by Specialized Orthopedics December 18, 2018 Physical Therapy, Sports

Have you been suffering from chronic low back pain or stiffness? Then you may benefit from Cupping!

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Patient of the Month: 16-year-old Soccer Player

by Specialized Orthopedics September 26, 2018 Patient of the Month, Physical Therapy, Sports

Patient of the Month Olivia: 16 year old soccer player Olivia tore her medial patella-femoral ligament almost one year ago in

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Patient Of The Month: Division I Baseball Player

by Specialized Orthopedics August 08, 2018 Patient of the Month, Physical Therapy, Sports

This month’s patient spotlight is on Brodie Carey, an 18 year old shortstop on his way to play Division I

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How to Perform T’s and Y’s

by Specialized Orthopedics June 05, 2018 Physical Therapy, Sports, Tip of the Week

Hey guys! Take a minute to check out this video on two shoulder exercises that we commonly prescribe for good

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Tip of the Week: Video Blog: 3 Glute Exercises for Runners

by Specialized Orthopedics May 30, 2018 Healthy Tips, Running, Sports, Tip of the Week

3 Glute Exercises for Runners! Don’t just run all summer… strengthen those hips! Many runners love to run and only

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Ballet Dancers – Exercises to Help Prevent Injuries

by Jason Ulisse March 06, 2015 Healthy Tips, Sports, Stretching

Ballet is a form of dance and theatrical art that has been a part of human culture for a very

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Diagnosing Rob Gronkowski’s Knee Injury

by Jason Ulisse December 10, 2013 Sports

Were you watching that unbelievable Patriot’s game yesterday?  Could you believe the comeback?  What tremendous excitement their game versus the

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