We now offer Cupping!

by Specialized Orthopedics December 18, 2018

Have you been suffering from chronic low back pain or stiffness?

Then you may benefit from Cupping!  Cupping is performed by placing a “Cup” on a tight or painful area (such as your low back) and a negative pressure vacuum is created in the cup which pulls the skin up into the cup. It increases blood flow to the injured area bringing more blood cells and nutrients to the tissues allowing for a faster healing time.  Cupping promotes the release of hormones that stimulate the body’s healing process.  It has been very beneficial in a variety of conditions including frozen shoulder, post-op tightness, scar mobility, low back pain/tightness, and many other impairments.  Cupping is a safe and effective way to relieve soft tissue tension and pain. Cupping can also be combined with exercises and stretching in physical therapy to further increase its benefits.  If you been suffering from muscle or joint tightness that won’t go away or a nagging pain that can’t be resolved, cupping may be the answer!

Call today to make an appointment with our certified Cupping expert Karyn Roda, DPT.

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