How to Perform T’s and Y’s

by Specialized Orthopedics June 05, 2018 Physical Therapy, Sports, Tip of the Week

Hey guys! Take a minute to check out this video on two shoulder exercises that we commonly prescribe for good

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Patient of the Month

by Specialized Orthopedics May 30, 2018 Patient of the Month, Physical Therapy

Success Story Over 6 months ago, our patient Jason suffered from a fall which resulted in a fractured ankle and

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Anterior shoulder pain from working on a computer all day

by Specialized Orthopedics May 18, 2018 Healthy Tips, Physical Therapy, Stretching, Tip of the Week

Tip Of The Week: How to Avoid Anterior Shoulder Pain Not only does working at a desk or computer all

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Top 2 Hip Flexor Stretches for Runners

by Jason Ulisse May 10, 2018 Physical Therapy, Running, Stretching, Tip of the Week

 Hip Flexor Stretches for Runners Do You Run? Are You Having Hip Pain While Running? It is that time of

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Yoga and Physical Therapy

by Jason Ulisse May 02, 2018 Healthy Tips, Physical Therapy, Stretching

Yoga Practice Combined with Physical Therapy There is an increasing number of studies and claims being made by medical experts

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Have You Suffered from a Foot or Ankle Injury?

Should You Seek Physical Therapy Treatment After a Foot or Ankle Injury?

by Karyn June 28, 2017 Physical Therapy

Have you experienced a foot or ankle injury and wondering what to do next? Physical therapy will help to return

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The Best Ways to Offset the Effects of Sitting Down All Day

by Specialized Orthopedics December 15, 2016 Healthy Tips, Physical Therapy

The new sayings today are “Sitting is bad for you” or “Sitting is the new smoking.” Does your job require more

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Managing Pain Through Physical Therapy Instead Of Medication

by Jason Ulisse September 22, 2016 Healthy Tips, Physical Therapy

Many, if not all of us have experienced some sort of injury during our lifetime.  These injuries can range from

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Are you suffering from Achilles tendon pain?

by Specialized Orthopedics May 25, 2016 Healthy Tips, Physical Therapy

Now that the weather is changing and the days are getting warmer, some of you may be starting to switch

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When To Use Heat or Ice

by Jason Ulisse November 22, 2013 Healthy Tips, Physical Therapy, Running, Skiing, Sports

One of the most frequently asked questions from our clients is “Do I use heat or ice?”. There are many

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