Squatting Basics: How to Perform the Perfect Squat

by Specialized Orthopedics December 13, 2018

You may be asking yourself “Why do I need to know how to perform a perfect squat?”

Let’s take a minute and think about how many times you get up from a chair, the toilet, or pick something up off of the ground each day? All of these movements involve performing a squat. So if I had to guess, you are probably performing a squat multiple times throughout your day. A squat utilizes multiple muscles that travel along your core, hips, knees, and ankles simultaneously. Therefore, if improper squatting technique is noted, you may experience pain in these areas or put yourself at risk for injury. So, take a minute to watch this video on how to perform a perfect squat so that you can lead a pain free life:

If after this video, you still have questions or are experiencing pain when you perform a squat, please do not hesitate to call us and set up an appointment today!

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